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Barometer cabinet

On 14 of September 2007 the Art Nouveau cabinet with a barometer returned to the park of Bedrich Smetana. The cabinet is a valuable example of the small park architecture declared a cultural monument in early 2007. It has been renovated and equipped with new instruments - a hair hygrometer, a..

Bridge over the Opava river

This iron bridge connecting the center of Krnov with the Opavská Street originates from 1900. In 2007 it was declared a cultural monument. It is the only bridge surviving the World War II.


Revoluční 966/56, Krnov

First mention about organ manufacturing in Moravia and Silesia comes from the late 17 th century and is connected with family Ryšánek from Opava.   In 1812 in Sosnová was born Franz Rieger, the company founder. He became well-known throughout the Silesian region as an organbuilder..

Lookout Tower Ježník

The wooden lookout tower Vyhlídka (17,5 meters high) in the part of the town of Krnov called Ježník is the oldest one of the lookout towers around Krnov.   This is the third wooden view-tower in succession built at this place, whereas the first one was opened on 17 of June 1894. Their..

Lookout Tower Cvilín (Lichtenstein)

The stone lokout tower is a completely dominant feature of the Front Hill of Cvilin (436 m above sea level, 144 steps).   It was built at the beginning of the 20 th century by the Krnov section of the Moravia-Silesia Sudeten Mountain Club according to the design created by the architect..

Chářovský park

Chářovská ulice, Krnov

The park, founded in 1899 in the area of the village called Chářová by the Improvement Club, was later considered one of the dendrologically most important parks in the Bruntál region. As we can read in the book published in 1923, the work was managed by the chairman of the club, the headmaster..

Natural monument Staré Hliniště

The natural monument Staré hliniště located in Krnov was declared as a protected natural monument in 1989. It is covering 4.39 ha at an altitude of 332 - 336 meters. It is in the area of the former brickworks, the abandoned clay mine and the adjacent quarry near the road leading to the border..

Flemmichova villa

Hlubčická 20, Krnov

The reconstruction work on the Flemmich Villa, the architectural jewel of Krnov in the district of Bruntál, has finally been completed, and, for the first time in its history, it is now open to visitors. The residence is situated in a beautiful garden and is now used as a cultural centre, hosting..


Zámecké náměstí, Krnov

The castle of the princes of Krnov was built in the Renaissance style in 1531 – 1534 during the reign of George Hohenzollern, on place of a former wooden castle built by Premyslids. Virtual Tour:  To the construction of the castle had to contribute all the..

Castle ruins Cvilín (Šelenburk, Lobenštejn)

Ruins of a Gothic castle with a tall fragment of the tower and preserved fortification, cellars, and sections of the walls. The castle was founded by the Przemyslids, soon afterwards in the first half of the 13 th century got under the Benešovic. The castle was first mentioned in 1238 under..

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