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Shooting House

Středisko volného času Méďa, příspěvková organizace Dobrovského 16, Krnov

Shooting house is the third one in this place. It was built in the years 1907-1908 in honor of the sixty anniversary of ruling of Emperor Franz Joseph I. It has been built by Joseph Hartel according to design by Leopold Bauer, a Viennese architect and an important native of Krnov. It is a..

Palace Silesia

Mikulášská 1015/12, Krnov

Commercial building of the palace was built in Art Nouveau in 1907, designed by architect Eduard Frank and served as textile stock market. On the turn of the 19 th and 20 th century Krnov became the center of the cloth production of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.   At that time a..

Burgess Houses and "Mazhauzes" with taverns

Zámecké náměstí a Hobzíkova ulice, Krnov

These houses are located in today's Castle Square and Hobzíkova Street. They originate in the 2 nd half of 16 th century and are mostly of Renaissance character, some carry traits of the Baroque, Empire and Classicism styles. The most significant changes were realized in the 2 nd half of 20..

Hotel Tiroler - Silesian House

Náměstí Hrdinů 2, Krnov

It became important inn in the history of the town of Krnov. The hotel was named The White Horse Inn, and was built to make the town more attractive.   Johann Flemmich, the later owner of the inn, let built a dance hall, a bowling alley and a garden terrace for summer time. At the..


Náměstí Hrdinů 6, Krnov

Some of old suburban houses had to be taken down because of building up of this complex in 1924. Previously there used to be hospital insurance office, however, nowadays the building serves as a clinic. At the entrance of the building are to found graffito depictingvarious crafts, such as bakers,..


Smetanův okruh 2, Krnov, 794 01

At the site of today's school building used to stay the provincial house, belonging to the castle until 1876. The building was part of the rampart. The corridor going through the first floor hallway led from the Castle to the St. Martin´s Church. After the Silesian War the building lost of its..

Swedish Wall and Fountain of Neptune

Smetanův okruh, Krnov

Swedish Wall is the strongest part of town wall of Krnov, which has hang over to the present. It was named after the enemy besieging our city during the Thirty Years' War.   It is a Renaissance arcade brick wall with lunette battlements. It was built up on city stone wall. Originally,..

Town Hall and Savings Bank

Hlavní náměstí 25, Krnov, 794 01

Today's Town hall as it is preserved was built in 1901-1903 in the neo-Renaissance spirit spiced with Art-Nouveau elements according to plans by the Viennese architect Moritz Hintrager. Construction was carried out by Ernest Latzel and Alois Geldner. The building stands on the grounds of the..

Houses in Zamkowé Street

Zamkowa street

Houses in Zamkowé Street come from the 18th century. They were built in a baroque style and as very interesting we consider their wavy and modest shields. One of the houses used to be a guest house, the other (today´s shopping centre) used to be a brewery and a local pub. Nowadays, the houses..

“Sv. Michal Archanděl” Church in Prudnik

Pl. Farny 2, 48-200 Prudnik

  The current appearance of the church comes from the 18th century and represents a late Baroque style. The church is situated in the place of the first church in Prudnik, built in 1279).  Bricked, tripartite church with a large gallery inside, connected with chorus and a tower. Very..

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