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Osoblaha - “U Kaldů”

Slunečná č.p. 154, Osoblaha,793 99

Accommodation in apartment. Fully equipped apartment, where you can keep your bicycles. Terrace sitting, grill and a croatian “peka”, Hungarian goulash , specialties . Bikeways at low frequent roads leading through the beautiful countryside. You can visit a privat minifarm and..

Price from
500 CZK, off season 200 CZK.

Osoblaha Campsite * *

Osoblaha, Nádražní street

The campsite is located about 400 meters outside the town center in a quiet park of  Nádražní street.  Accommodation available in wooden cabins, own tents or caravans. In the park, there is a fast food, outdoor swimming pool, roller skating track, tennis and volleyball courts, football..

Price from
450 CZK, cabins from CZK 450 to CZK 950 per night

Osoblaha - Hostel (former customhouse)

ulice Polská 170, Osoblaha 793 99

Hostel is located in the place of former customhouse, in a quiet place. The rooms are of a standart quality, communal kitchenette with some basic equipment including fridge and  microwave.  Toilets and bathrooms are communal and consist of double toilet, double shower and separated..

Price from
140 CZK

Church of “Svatá Trojice” in Opawice

48-100 Opawica

The church is located on the hillock by the square. It was built in a baroque style between 1701 and 1706 in the place of the former church. Its founder was the Count Leopold Karol Sedlnicki, Austrian - Hungarian minister of finance from Lenarcice. In 1733 the church was reconstructed after a..

Campsite in Pietrowice * * *

48-100 Pietrowice

The campsite (***) is located 12 km from Głubczyce and 2 km from border crossing between Poland and the Czech Republic. This facility is of a good standard thanks to the Polish Federation of Camping “Mister Camping 1995” award. In 1999 the campsite reached the 3rd place, in 2000..

Town Park

Parkowa, Głubczyce

Town park is situated in the southern part of the town, from the west to the east, along the Psina river. The foundation was achieved thanks to the councillor and doctor Joseph Lauffer. He came up with a proposal to dry the swamps and remove the second bed of Psina, which used to flow through the..

Parish church of “Narození nejsvětější Panny Marie”

Jana Pawła II, Głubczyce

A gothic parish church of “Narození nejsvětější Panny Marie” comes from the 13th century. Later in the 14th century, it was extended and then reconstructed according to the project of M. Hasak between 1903 and 1907. The preserved church parts, frontal tower built later (the southern..

Sanctuary of SV. Josef and Franciscan monastery in Prudnik

Prudnik - Las, ul. Poniatowskiego 5

Sanctuary of Sv. Josef and Franciscan monastery in Prudnik are both buildings from the 19th century, situated in surrounding forests at Kozí hora peak (Kozia Góra, 317 m n. m.). It is an ideal praying destination due to its location in a quiet and picturesque area.   Nearby the..

Villa of the Frankel family

48-200 Prudnik, ul.Kościuszki 1A

Villa of the Frankel family from the 19th century is now a property of Prudnik town. The villa was rebuilt in 2011 and now there is a cultural center of Prudnik. The villa was built by Hermann Frankel, the son of a former industrialist Samuel, who was the founder and owner of textile plants in..

Municipality in Głubczyce

ul. Niepodległości 14, Głubczyce

Municipality in Głubczyce ul. Niepodległości 14    48-100 Głubczyce tel. +48 (77) 485 30 21     e-mail:

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