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Town Hall and Savings Bank

Hlavní náměstí 25, Krnov, 794 01

Today's Town hall as it is preserved was built in 1901-1903 in the neo-Renaissance spirit spiced with Art-Nouveau elements according to plans by the Viennese architect Moritz Hintrager. Construction was carried out by Ernest Latzel and Alois Geldner. The building stands on the grounds of the..

Bridge over the Opava river

This iron bridge connecting the center of Krnov with the Opavská Street originates from 1900. In 2007 it was declared a cultural monument. It is the only bridge surviving the World War II.

"A headless knight memorial"

A German memorial of World War I victims is very impressive. It is located just behind village of Hlinka, on direction to Dívčí Hrad. The Memorial consists of a statue of the knight ( probably the knight Roland from German legend), whose head was cut off by an unkonwn vandal in previous years...

Nanebevzetí Panny Marie Church

The dominance of the village is the Nanebevzetí Panny Marie parish church built between 1866 and 1870, made of red bricks in monumental Neo-gothic way. Its interior is also very valuable and its decoration has been kept in an unified style. The church stands out especially when arriving in the..

Sv. Sebestian Church

A parish church of Sv. Sebestian was built between 1730 and 1733. In 1780 it was extended by a church tower. Here, the bones of an unknown saint, which were brought in a pannier by hermit Severin from Rome, are laid.

Stable of Prudnik (Chocim)

48-200 Prudnik, Chocim

Stable of Prudnik is located in the foothill of Opavské Mountains, in a picturesque Village of Chocim  (about 3 km away from Prudnik towards Debowec). There is both a riding track and an indoor track. The stable offers rich holiday and touristic attractions including: individual riding..

Franciscan Monastery and Prenoviciát in Głogówek - “Sv. Frantisek” of Asisi Monastery

Klasztorna street 3 , 48-250 GŁOGÓWEK

An order of Conventuals is the order established by Sv. Frantisek of Asisi under the name “Mensi bratri”. To this name, the “conventuals” was added. The order members use the name “Mensi bratri conventuals”, in Poland known as “Franciscans”. Our..

Church of “Svatá Trojice” in Opawice

48-100 Opawica

The church is located on the hillock by the square. It was built in a baroque style between 1701 and 1706 in the place of the former church. Its founder was the Count Leopold Karol Sedlnicki, Austrian - Hungarian minister of finance from Lenarcice. In 1733 the church was reconstructed after a..

Swedish Wall and Fountain of Neptune

Smetanův okruh, Krnov

Swedish Wall is the strongest part of town wall of Krnov, which has hang over to the present. It was named after the enemy besieging our city during the Thirty Years' War.   It is a Renaissance arcade brick wall with lunette battlements. It was built up on city stone wall. Originally,..

Barometer cabinet

On 14 of September 2007 the Art Nouveau cabinet with a barometer returned to the park of Bedrich Smetana. The cabinet is a valuable example of the small park architecture declared a cultural monument in early 2007. It has been renovated and equipped with new instruments - a hair hygrometer, a..

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