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Navštívení Panny Marie Church

  A parish church of Navštívení Panny Marie built in 1776.

Sv. Urban Church

  A parish church of Sv. Urban is a baroque building built in1767, with a roof and a tower fixed not long ago.

Sv. Sebestian Church

A parish church of Sv. Sebestian was built between 1730 and 1733. In 1780 it was extended by a church tower. Here, the bones of an unknown saint, which were brought in a pannier by hermit Severin from Rome, are laid.

Osoblaha narrow gauge railway

Originally, a railway connection in Osoblaha locality, was to be of a standard gauge and was to start in Mesto Albrechtice, then continue farther towards Slezské Rudoltice.  Due to financial reasons, the village of Třemešná was determined as the beginning of the railway. Yet, the narrow..

Pelhřimovy – Sv. Jiří Church

Pelhřimovy - is very impressive and mysterious extinct village of Pelhřimovy, located just on Czech - Polish border. The village is proof of what damage can acute nationalistic relationships cause. The village was first divided into Prussian and Austrian part along the Troja river in 1742 after..

Sv. Kateřina Church

A neo-romanesque Sv. Kateřina church, where remains of the Hodice family, including Albert of Hodice, are preserved.  

The castle of Slezské Rudoltice

This rennaisance castle was built in the first half of the 16th century, originally in the place of the fortress within the reign of  the Supova family of Fulštejn. In 1630 the castle became the Jiří of Hodice´s property and within the reign of Albert of Hodice (born in1706) the castle was..

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The Swedish column

The Swedish column comes from 1633 and was built up by the owner of Slezské Pavlovice at that time, Johan Gottfried Kolunksi as a Thanksgiving for Swedish army forces withdrawal.  Originally, 5 meters high, trilateral obelisk was built up by the northern border with Poland.  Later, when..

The Jungle

The Jungle nature reserve preserves the remains of a floodplain forest with old massive oaks, willow trees and alder trees, which used to be a very fertile land at the confluence of Prudnik and Osoblaha rivers. In the 70´s of the last century, dewatering and field ploughing was done. However,..

Saint Michael Archangel Church in Hrozová

Hrozová, Liptaň

In Hrozová settlement, the main attraction includes Saint Michael Archangel church. The church was probably built in the last quartal of 13th century, when it got its gothic heart. Another aspect is interesting about the church yard. That is the defensive wall from 15th or 16th century, with its..

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