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“Sv. Petr i Pavel” Church in Prudniku

Piastowska street 8, 48-200 Prudnik

“Sv. Petr i Pavel” Church comes from the end of the 8th century. Next to the church, there is a monastery of the Mercious brothers. The church is made of bricks with a facade. Under presbyter there are catacombs with monks´ graves. The interior of the church is decorated with main..

Fishery and a fishing restaurant „Pstrąg” in Moszczanka

Moszczanka street 134, 48-200 Prudnik

The fishery and a fishing restaurant, situated in village of Moszczanka, offer a perfect relaxation after a long and exhausting day at work. Trout fishing or just its tasting is an attraction for everyone. The fishery is situated in Opavské Mountains and it is available all-year long for both..

A rainbow trout fishery and a fishing restaurant „U Bodzia” in Moszczanka

48-200 Prudnik, Moszczanka 150

A rainbow trout fishery and a fishing restaurant „U Bodzia“ is the right choice for those, who are tired after all-day trip to the mountains, where they could admire beautiful views to the countryside. The fishery is situated in village of Moszczanka and it is divided into four parts..

Agrotouristic farm „Leśny Wypoczynek” in Wieszczyna

Wieszczyna 10, 48-200 Prudnik

Agrotouristic farm „Leśny Wypoczynek“ operates all-year long and offers high quality services. The capacity is 20 beds in rooms with bathrooms or kitchenette, equipped with basic electrical appliances. Guests can use lounge, terrace and summer house with grill. The farm is well..

Swimming pool in Prudnik

Parkowa street 4, 48-200 Prudnik,

Swimming pool is opened all-year long from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. except summer season. Full admission is 5 PLN for adults and 3 PLN reduced price for youth. Swimming course available for adults and children aged 7 or more under the instructor´s..

Price from
3 zł Bilet normalny dla dorosłych: 5zł, bilet ulgowy dla młodzieży szkolnej: 3zł.

Jewish cemetery

Kolejowa street

  The cemetery was founded in 1860 and up to now, 140 gravestones have been preserved. Many of them have been damaged, however the grave of Fränkel family, which had a significant meaning for the town of Prudnik, is still to be found. Also, a memorial of Jews, who were killed in Prudnik..

Agrotouristic farm „Złoty Potok” in Łaka Prudnicka

Jana Pawła II street 83, 48-200 Łąka Prudnicka

„Złoty Potok“ is  top-rated facility, situated in a small locality of Laka Prudnicka. There are two comfortable suits and 1 three-bedded room in the farm. Total capacity is 12 beds. Suits and the room are equipped with bathroom, TV sets and a stereo. Guests can use a lounge,..

Price from
40 zł

The tower of lower gate

Batorego street

The Prudnik town used to have the first defending fortification probably in the 14th century. In the middle ages, the two gates were used to enter the town: the upper gate called “Niska” and the lower one. Beside the lower one, a stoned tower was built to support the defences of the..

Stable of Prudnik (Chocim)

48-200 Prudnik, Chocim

Stable of Prudnik is located in the foothill of Opavské Mountains, in a picturesque Village of Chocim  (about 3 km away from Prudnik towards Debowec). There is both a riding track and an indoor track. The stable offers rich holiday and touristic attractions including: individual riding..

Recreation resort of Bohušov

Bohušov 115, 793 99

A campsite and a recreational resort offers an accommodation in tents, caravans and cabins. There are 20 3-bedded cabins with possible extra beds. In each cabin, there is a shower, toilet, washbasin, sink and air condition. You can rent a cabin in a regular week period (7 nights) or individually..

Price from
800 CZK
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