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The campsite on “Foltis” farm

Janov 252, 793 84 Janov

The campsite is located in Janov, a village nearby the Czech - Polish border, lying between the two towns, Zlaté Hory and Osoblaha. The campsite is about 500 m away form village, in a secluded place. There is a brook flowing through the garden, the forest just 200 meters of the campsite, the..

Price from
80 CZK a tent CZK 80 per night

“Foltis” Farm

Janov 252, 793 84

The facility - a foothill farm also focusing on accommodation - located in Janov, a village nearby the Czech - Polish border between the two towns - Zlaté Hory and Osoblaha. There is a brook flowing through the garden, the forest just 200 meters of the campsite, the meadows all around, where we..

Price from
290 CZK 290, January 1 to December 20 - CZK 370 including breakfast

The great pond of Pavlovice

The great pond of Pavlovice is a nature preserve consisting of a bypass pond. The pond is of a great importance for local orniofauna. Except birds, you can find here a number of aquatic and wetland animals. The locality has also a botanic and landscaping function.

"A headless knight memorial"

A German memorial of World War I victims is very impressive. It is located just behind village of Hlinka, on direction to Dívčí Hrad. The Memorial consists of a statue of the knight ( probably the knight Roland from German legend), whose head was cut off by an unkonwn vandal in previous years...

The children of the united Europe international festival – Osoblažsko region

The festival of foreign and domestic friends. Local nursery, elementary and art schools are presenting here, as well as the ensembles from neighbouring Poland. Performace of professional artists, conjurers, dancers, non-profit corporations as well as  formal evening party is also a part of..

The castle of Dívčí Hrad

The castle of Dívčí Hrad, visible from a large distance, dominates the village. It was built just above the Osoblaha river, in the 13th century. The castle experienced the greatest boom at the end of 16th and in the beginning of 17th century, within the reign of Sedlnická family of..

A natural monument “Oblík”

A natural monument “Orlík” is located on the green touristic mark towards Pitárné. Shortly behind Divčí Hrad you turn right to field road. After about 400 meters you get to  a gentle elevation  and this is the Oblík. The elevation refers to the age, when Osoblažsko region..

“Dubovec” - an observation point

By the roadcrossing towards Hlinka, Osoblaha and Vysoká, the peak Dubovec (336 meters above sea level) is located. There are two reasons why the peak is worth visiting. Firstly, the trenches from World War II are found here in the bushes. Secondly, there is a beautiful view to the countryside,..

Sv. Martin parish church

In the center of Bohušov village, a newly reconstructed parish church of St. Martin is located., where Herbort of Fulme, the founder of Fulstejn castle, is buried in the crypt.  Another interesting sight is a decorated tomb of an  Austria - Hungarian geneneral Laufer, who died in ..

The ruin of Fulštejn castle


In the place of the original Slavic fortified settlement, a fort was established by the impulse of Bruno of Schaumbrug, a Bishop of Olomouc. From bishop, the fort was then in 1255 fiefed  Herbort of Fulme. He rebuilt it in the appearance of a large castle, the largest castle in Silesia of..

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