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Swedish Wall and Fountain of Neptune

Smetanův okruh, Krnov

Swedish Wall is the strongest part of town wall of Krnov, which has hang over to the present. It was named after the enemy besieging our city during the Thirty Years' War.   It is a Renaissance arcade brick wall with lunette battlements. It was built up on city stone wall. Originally,..

Barometer cabinet

On 14 of September 2007 the Art Nouveau cabinet with a barometer returned to the park of Bedrich Smetana. The cabinet is a valuable example of the small park architecture declared a cultural monument in early 2007. It has been renovated and equipped with new instruments - a hair hygrometer, a..

A Jewish cemetery

Osoblaha, okres Bruntál

  A Jewish cemetery is located just in the village center. It is a unique sight because of the gravestone character. They are so called of a Silesian type. The number of gravestones is 313. This type of gravestone is very special for its number and the size of ornaments. The oldest..

The great pond of Pavlovice

The great pond of Pavlovice is a nature preserve consisting of a bypass pond. The pond is of a great importance for local orniofauna. Except birds, you can find here a number of aquatic and wetland animals. The locality has also a botanic and landscaping function.

Lookout tower

Northwards of Liptaň, on Strážnice peak, a lookout tower of the same name is located. From here you can see northern and eastern part of Osoblažsko region, Polish flats with its towns Prudnik and Opole and on the west you can see the ridges of Hrubý Jeseník with its highest peak, Praděd. The..

Western Restaurant

Vysoká – Bartultovice 44, 793 99

In the Western restaurant you can see a few fences with domestic animals, which were so common long ago. Children and adults can get in touch with sheep, goats, Tony pony, ducks and many others. Besides leisure time, the restaurant offers a 100-meal menu with prices starting from CZK 60. You..

The tower of lower gate

Batorego street

The Prudnik town used to have the first defending fortification probably in the 14th century. In the middle ages, the two gates were used to enter the town: the upper gate called “Niska” and the lower one. Beside the lower one, a stoned tower was built to support the defences of the..

Observatory in Głogówek

Klasztorna street 3 48-250 GŁOGÓWEK

Nearby the Franciscan monastery there is a reconcstructed building, which is suitable for cultural and educational events and also tourism services. Concerning reconstruction, the building was divided into three parts: On the ground floor there are two halls for social events of partner towns,..

Swimming pool

ul. Powstańców, Głubczyce

The swimming pool was built between 1978 and 1989 on the place of an existing swimming pool, demolished in 1936. The area consists of 5 pools: sports (Olympic) with dimensions of 50 x 25 m (depth 2 m), medium one – 69 x 24 m (depth 0,6 – 1,7 m), two shallow ones - 69 x 12 m, (depth..


Smetanův okruh 2, Krnov, 794 01

At the site of today's school building used to stay the provincial house, belonging to the castle until 1876. The building was part of the rampart. The corridor going through the first floor hallway led from the Castle to the St. Martin´s Church. After the Silesian War the building lost of its..

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