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Church of the Birth of Our Lady Monastery of Minorites

Štursova 85/2, Krnov

The history of the Monastery of Minorites and the adjacent Church of the Birth of Our Lady, building one complex, has been closely connected with the history of the town of Krnov since the end of the 13 th century.   The Order of Friars Minor, called Minorites, seek to follow most..

Natural monument Staré Hliniště

The natural monument Staré hliniště located in Krnov was declared as a protected natural monument in 1989. It is covering 4.39 ha at an altitude of 332 - 336 meters. It is in the area of the former brickworks, the abandoned clay mine and the adjacent quarry near the road leading to the border..

Town Hall with a tour of the Town Hall and Savings Bank.

Hlavní náměstí 25, Krnov

  Krnov Town Hall   Town hall building was and still is one of the most important buildings in every town and city. The one in Krnov was firstly mentioned in November 2 1404, when the record in a provincial archive was done. The question is whether the building really was a..

Sv. Martin parish church

In the center of Bohušov village, a newly reconstructed parish church of St. Martin is located., where Herbort of Fulme, the founder of Fulstejn castle, is buried in the crypt.  Another interesting sight is a decorated tomb of an  Austria - Hungarian geneneral Laufer, who died in ..

A town park of Prudnik

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Parkowa

The idea of foundation of the town park in Prudnik originated in order to link the town with surrounding forests. Within the foundation, it was stated that every single park alley should be ended by something interesting such as view at Opavské Mountains and its highest peak - Biskupská kupa...

Cultural center of Glubczyce

ul. Kościuszki 24, Głubczyce

The cultural center is also the seat of the tourist information office: Contact: Kościuszki Street 24 48-100       Głubczyce Tel. +48 (77) 485 21 51   Email:

Railway viaduct in Nowa Cerekwa

Nowa Cerekwia, 48-130 Kietrz

The railway viaduct in Nowa Cerekwa, built in 1909, is situated on Baborów - Pilszcz railway. The railway is considered to be the most interesting construction of such type in Silesia. It has got a unique, well-kept frame consisting of three circular squares supported by pillars. Nearby the..

The Holy Spirit Church with hospital

Sv. Ducha 30, Krnov

The church with the adjoining hospital is one of the oldest buildings in town, situated almost in the centre of the town. Its beginning dates back to the 13 th century in the period of the Přemyslid princes and was connected with a need of a hospital for the poor and hungry. This was realized by..

Chářovský park

Chářovská ulice, Krnov

The park, founded in 1899 in the area of the village called Chářová by the Improvement Club, was later considered one of the dendrologically most important parks in the Bruntál region. As we can read in the book published in 1923, the work was managed by the chairman of the club, the headmaster..

“Dubovec” - an observation point

By the roadcrossing towards Hlinka, Osoblaha and Vysoká, the peak Dubovec (336 meters above sea level) is located. There are two reasons why the peak is worth visiting. Firstly, the trenches from World War II are found here in the bushes. Secondly, there is a beautiful view to the countryside,..

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