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Franciscan Monastery and Prenoviciát in Głogówek - “Sv. Frantisek” of Asisi Monastery

Klasztorna street 3 , 48-250 GŁOGÓWEK

An order of Conventuals is the order established by Sv. Frantisek of Asisi under the name “Mensi bratri”. To this name, the “conventuals” was added. The order members use the name “Mensi bratri conventuals”, in Poland known as “Franciscans”. Our..

“Sorontar” Brotherhood

Kraszewskiego street 21, 48-200 Prudnik

“Sorontar” Brotherhood is a corporation with 8-year of practice and fellowship. The aim of the brotherhood is to organize various events mainly dealing with fantasy, history or culture.  We are very flexible and thanks to the fantasy we want to propagate our land - bordering..

“Sv. Michal Archanděl” Church in Prudnik

Pl. Farny 2, 48-200 Prudnik

  The current appearance of the church comes from the 18th century and represents a late Baroque style. The church is situated in the place of the first church in Prudnik, built in 1279).  Bricked, tripartite church with a large gallery inside, connected with chorus and a tower. Very..

“Sv. Petr i Pavel” Church in Prudniku

Piastowska street 8, 48-200 Prudnik

“Sv. Petr i Pavel” Church comes from the end of the 8th century. Next to the church, there is a monastery of the Mercious brothers. The church is made of bricks with a facade. Under presbyter there are catacombs with monks´ graves. The interior of the church is decorated with main..

A rainbow trout fishery and a fishing restaurant „U Bodzia” in Moszczanka

48-200 Prudnik, Moszczanka 150

A rainbow trout fishery and a fishing restaurant „U Bodzia“ is the right choice for those, who are tired after all-day trip to the mountains, where they could admire beautiful views to the countryside. The fishery is situated in village of Moszczanka and it is divided into four parts..

A town park of Prudnik

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Parkowa

The idea of foundation of the town park in Prudnik originated in order to link the town with surrounding forests. Within the foundation, it was stated that every single park alley should be ended by something interesting such as view at Opavské Mountains and its highest peak - Biskupská kupa...

Agrotouristic farm "Dębowy Las" in Dębowec

48-200 Prudnik, Dębowiec 30

This all-year long opened facility is situated in a picturesque village of Debowiec, not more than 5 km distant from Prudnik. The farm is situated nearby the beautiful forest suitable for mushrooming and berries picking. The surroundings is calm and quiet, far from the roads and rushy city..

Price from
30 zł

Agrotouristic farm „Koňské zátiší“ (Końskie Zacisze)

48-200 Prudnik, Łąka Prudnicka, ul. Jana Pawła II

An agrotouristic farm „Koňské zátiší“ offers accommodation all year long. The capacity is 15 beds in rooms with kitchenette and a communal bathroom. There is a kettle, stereo and TV set in the room.   The farm is located in the protected area of Opavské Mountains with its..

Price from
35 zł

Agrotouristic farm „Leśny Wypoczynek” in Wieszczyna

Wieszczyna 10, 48-200 Prudnik

Agrotouristic farm „Leśny Wypoczynek“ operates all-year long and offers high quality services. The capacity is 20 beds in rooms with bathrooms or kitchenette, equipped with basic electrical appliances. Guests can use lounge, terrace and summer house with grill. The farm is well..

Agrotouristic farm „Złoty Potok” in Łaka Prudnicka

Jana Pawła II street 83, 48-200 Łąka Prudnicka

„Złoty Potok“ is  top-rated facility, situated in a small locality of Laka Prudnicka. There are two comfortable suits and 1 three-bedded room in the farm. Total capacity is 12 beds. Suits and the room are equipped with bathroom, TV sets and a stereo. Guests can use a lounge,..

Price from
40 zł
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