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Franciscan Monastery and Prenoviciát in Głogówek - “Sv. Frantisek” of Asisi Monastery

Klasztorna street 3 , 48-250 GŁOGÓWEK

An order of Conventuals is the order established by Sv. Frantisek of Asisi under the name “Mensi bratri”. To this name, the “conventuals” was added. The order members use the name “Mensi bratri conventuals”, in Poland known as “Franciscans”. Our..

"A headless knight memorial"

A German memorial of World War I victims is very impressive. It is located just behind village of Hlinka, on direction to Dívčí Hrad. The Memorial consists of a statue of the knight ( probably the knight Roland from German legend), whose head was cut off by an unkonwn vandal in previous years...

"Nejsvětější Panna Marie” church in Branice

ul. Kościelna 8, 48-140 Branice

A parish church of Panna Marie in Branice was built in 1792, however the first mention dates back to 1248. The church was extended between 1888-11889 and 1913-1914. Next to the church, the statue of Jan Nepomucký from 1801 is situated. 

“Dubovec” - an observation point

By the roadcrossing towards Hlinka, Osoblaha and Vysoká, the peak Dubovec (336 meters above sea level) is located. There are two reasons why the peak is worth visiting. Firstly, the trenches from World War II are found here in the bushes. Secondly, there is a beautiful view to the countryside,..

“Hraběnky” stable

Jindřichov 164

We offer you all-year long horserides in Jindřichov locality. One ride takes 1 hour. If requested, we can offer a longer ride and take you to Biskupská kupa, Solná hora, Kraví hora or Valštejn, from where is a beautiful view to the countryside, local villages, Poland and Osoblažsko. ..

Price from
250 CZK per hour

“Jindřichovský dvůr” stable

Jindřichov 51

Apartment is located in a domestic place in the middle of a village. The rooms have their own access. All rooms are en suite, with a fully equipped kitchenette, TV set, Wi-Fi free of charge. The facility offers weekend stays for horse lovers. To see more, visitf our websites. All-day..

Price from
Price of the horse ride is CZK 200 per hour. Price of the carriage ride is CZK 800 per hour.

“Kajícnický” cross in Dzielow

48-120 Baborów, Dzielów 28

“Kajícnický” cross in Dzielow originates between 14th and 16th century. Since middle ages, “The Kajícnický” cross was erected by murderers on the places where their crime was committed.  One of the three crosses is found in Dzielow nearby the house no. 28. Other..

“Krysia” guest house in Pilszcz

Pilszcz, ul. Pszenna 16, 48-130 Kietrz

The guest house offers accommodation and organizing of touristic attractions: -          A tour to Opava, a town in the Czech Republic, about 5 km distant. The town is admired for its numerous sights, castles, beautiful countryside and its..

Price from
40,00 zł Gotówk / przelew.

“Sorontar” Brotherhood

Kraszewskiego street 21, 48-200 Prudnik

“Sorontar” Brotherhood is a corporation with 8-year of practice and fellowship. The aim of the brotherhood is to organize various events mainly dealing with fantasy, history or culture.  We are very flexible and thanks to the fantasy we want to propagate our land - bordering..

“Sv. Michal Archanděl” Church in Prudnik

Pl. Farny 2, 48-200 Prudnik

  The current appearance of the church comes from the 18th century and represents a late Baroque style. The church is situated in the place of the first church in Prudnik, built in 1279).  Bricked, tripartite church with a large gallery inside, connected with chorus and a tower. Very..

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