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Náměstí Hrdinů 6, Krnov

Some of old suburban houses had to be taken down because of building up of this complex in 1924. Previously there used to be hospital insurance office, however, nowadays the building serves as a clinic. At the entrance of the building are to found graffito depictingvarious crafts, such as bakers,..

An open-air swimming pool and a sports area

Osoblaha, Obecní park, okres Bruntál

Osoblaha park area is determined for both an active leisure and walks and relaxing. It offers an in-line track, tennis and volleybal courts, in summer - a nature open air swimming with a pool of 50 x 25 meters, including a pool for children and a snack bar. There is also a football pitch and a..

Biskupská kupa

A bordering peak Biskupská kupa, 900 meters high, with a lookout tower on the top, dominates this entire part of Moravskoslezský district. The lookout tower is the oldest brick tower in Jeseníky region. It was made of stone in 1898 by a German touristic corporation MSSGV (Zuckmantel section in..

Navštívení Panny Marie Church

  A parish church of Navštívení Panny Marie built in 1776.

Jewish cemetery

Kolejowa street

  The cemetery was founded in 1860 and up to now, 140 gravestones have been preserved. Many of them have been damaged, however the grave of Fränkel family, which had a significant meaning for the town of Prudnik, is still to be found. Also, a memorial of Jews, who were killed in Prudnik..

Church of Sv. Josef in Baborow - „Józefek“ (Jozífek)

48-120 Baborów

„Jozífek“ was built between 1700 and 1702 of hewn larch wood on the stone socle. The building is located on the hillock, serving as cemetery church. The church is an example of a creative folk art and culture of the region. The interior is richly decorated with frescos and paintings...

Hotel Tiroler - Silesian House

Náměstí Hrdinů 2, Krnov

It became important inn in the history of the town of Krnov. The hotel was named The White Horse Inn, and was built to make the town more attractive.   Johann Flemmich, the later owner of the inn, let built a dance hall, a bowling alley and a garden terrace for summer time. At the..

Lookout tower Hraniční vrch

A lookout tower of a unique iron frame, consisting of the two areas connected with a metal footbridge. The lookout was opened in autumn 2011. It is located nearby Czech-Polish border in Mesto Albrechtice locality. To access the lookout, follow the blue touristic marking from Mesto Albrechtice and..

A Mini farm of Osoblaha

Polská street, Osoblaha

We run agrotouristics in our village and our aim is to vary the life of both our inhabitants and the tourists. The animals are part of the countrylife, so that we breed pullets, rabbits, cats, Guinea pigs, goats and ponies. Both children and adults can have a ride. For advanced riders we offer..

The linden of Janov

Janov u Krnova – by the house No. 120

The linden of Janov is probably the largest memorable tree in Bruntál district. The tree was ignored for a long time in spite of its age and size. That changed after being nominated to the Tree of the year competition in 2010. Its height is 25 meters and the trunk circumference is 955..

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