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Agrotouristic farm „Koňské zátiší“ (Końskie Zacisze)

48-200 Prudnik, Łąka Prudnicka, ul. Jana Pawła II

An agrotouristic farm „Koňské zátiší“ offers accommodation all year long. The capacity is 15 beds in rooms with kitchenette and a communal bathroom. There is a kettle, stereo and TV set in the room.   The farm is located in the protected area of Opavské Mountains with its..

Price from
35 zł

An open-air swimming pool

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Parkowa 4

An open-air swimming pool offers a non-swimmers area and a paddling area equipped with a slide, a beach volleyball court, a mini football field and also a playground. The pool is opened from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from June to September.   Admission: PLN 5 Reduced admission: PLN 3..

Price from
2 zł Admission: PLN 5, Reduced admission: PLN 3 , Group admission: PLN 2 per person

A town park of Prudnik

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Parkowa

The idea of foundation of the town park in Prudnik originated in order to link the town with surrounding forests. Within the foundation, it was stated that every single park alley should be ended by something interesting such as view at Opavské Mountains and its highest peak - Biskupská kupa...

The weaver´s tradition center in Prudnik

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Królowej Jadwigi 23

“The town of weavers and cobblers” - that was the name of Prudnik hundred years ago. These were the most important crafts at that time. The development of weaver craft started in 19th and 20th century thanks to the Frankel and Pinkus families, one of the biggest textile company owners..

The square of Prudnik


The square of Prudnik is of a rectangle shape and there are streets leading to each corner. Despite being destroyed by fires or during the wars, many interesting buildings are still preserved.   In the middle of Prudnik square, there is a town hall with 63 meters high tower. Its..

Sanctuary of SV. Josef and Franciscan monastery in Prudnik

Prudnik - Las, ul. Poniatowskiego 5

Sanctuary of Sv. Josef and Franciscan monastery in Prudnik are both buildings from the 19th century, situated in surrounding forests at Kozí hora peak (Kozia Góra, 317 m n. m.). It is an ideal praying destination due to its location in a quiet and picturesque area.   Nearby the..

Villa of the Frankel family

48-200 Prudnik, ul.Kościuszki 1A

Villa of the Frankel family from the 19th century is now a property of Prudnik town. The villa was rebuilt in 2011 and now there is a cultural center of Prudnik. The villa was built by Hermann Frankel, the son of a former industrialist Samuel, who was the founder and owner of textile plants in..

Museum of Prudnik region (Muzeum Ziemi Prudnickiej) in Prudnik

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 5

An armory house - the seat of the museum is located in the building neighbouring the ramparts and two bulwarks from the 15th century. In the middle ages the weaponry was deposited here. Later, the buildings were used as prison, tank and youth hostel. Thanks to the effort of Jozef Wierzynski and..

Price from
2 zł

The castle tower – „Vokova věž”

48-200 Prudnik, Plac Zamkowy

The Vok tower is the oldest monument of Prudnik. It remains from middle-aged castle, which was built in the second half of the 13th century by Czech baron of the Rozmberk family - Petr Vok. The town of Prudnik was established just under the castle.   The tower is of a circular..

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