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“Sorontar” Brotherhood

Kraszewskiego street 21, 48-200 Prudnik

“Sorontar” Brotherhood is a corporation with 8-year of practice and fellowship. The aim of the brotherhood is to organize various events mainly dealing with fantasy, history or culture.  We are very flexible and thanks to the fantasy we want to propagate our land - bordering..

Kozí hora lookout tower

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Poniatowskiego

Town of Prudnik can offer for its visitors more than 30 km of walking, cycling and horseriding paths in the protected area of Opavské hory and its close surroundings. There many worthseeing places situated on the paths such as SV. František sanctuary, Franciscas monastery or pond area with beaver..

The exhibition of folk artistists and crafts of Polish - Czech bordering regions

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Łucznicza 1

The exhibition of a folk artistists and crafts of Polish - Czech bordering regions is held every year in June. Within three days, a hand work  of folk artists and handcrafts of Polish - Czech bordering regions are presented here.   The exhibition takes place under the honorable..

Lookout tower in Wieszcyna

48-200 Prudnik, Wieszczyna

The district of Prudnik town offers more than 30km of footpaths, cycling paths and riding paths in protected area of Opavské Mountains and in its close surroundings. There are many worth-seeing and worth-visiting destinations, such as Sv. Frantisek Sanctuary, Franciscan monastery, ponds and a..

Stable of Prudnik (Chocim)

48-200 Prudnik, Chocim

Stable of Prudnik is located in the foothill of Opavské Mountains, in a picturesque Village of Chocim  (about 3 km away from Prudnik towards Debowec). There is both a riding track and an indoor track. The stable offers rich holiday and touristic attractions including: individual riding..

Franciscan Monastery and Prenoviciát in Głogówek - “Sv. Frantisek” of Asisi Monastery

Klasztorna street 3 , 48-250 GŁOGÓWEK

An order of Conventuals is the order established by Sv. Frantisek of Asisi under the name “Mensi bratri”. To this name, the “conventuals” was added. The order members use the name “Mensi bratri conventuals”, in Poland known as “Franciscans”. Our..

The tower of lower gate

Batorego street

The Prudnik town used to have the first defending fortification probably in the 14th century. In the middle ages, the two gates were used to enter the town: the upper gate called “Niska” and the lower one. Beside the lower one, a stoned tower was built to support the defences of the..

Observatory in Głogówek

Klasztorna street 3 48-250 GŁOGÓWEK

Nearby the Franciscan monastery there is a reconcstructed building, which is suitable for cultural and educational events and also tourism services. Concerning reconstruction, the building was divided into three parts: On the ground floor there are two halls for social events of partner towns,..

Jewish cemetery

Kolejowa street

  The cemetery was founded in 1860 and up to now, 140 gravestones have been preserved. Many of them have been damaged, however the grave of Fränkel family, which had a significant meaning for the town of Prudnik, is still to be found. Also, a memorial of Jews, who were killed in Prudnik..

The castle tower – „Vokova věž”

48-200 Prudnik, Plac Zamkowy

The Vok tower is the oldest monument of Prudnik. It remains from middle-aged castle, which was built in the second half of the 13th century by Czech baron of the Rozmberk family - Petr Vok. The town of Prudnik was established just under the castle.   The tower is of a circular..

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