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„Antończyk“ agrotouristic farmhouse in Pielgrzymow

Pielgrzymów 21b/2, 48-100 Głubczyce

The farm offers 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds, bathroom, kitchenette and veranda. At this time, the accommodation is suitable for 4 people or one family.   The farm breeds geese, turkeys and chickens. The farm also owns field and a small pond, suitable for fishing.  ..

Price from
25 zł

“Krysia” guest house in Pilszcz

Pilszcz, ul. Pszenna 16, 48-130 Kietrz

The guest house offers accommodation and organizing of touristic attractions: -          A tour to Opava, a town in the Czech Republic, about 5 km distant. The town is admired for its numerous sights, castles, beautiful countryside and its..

Price from
40,00 zł Gotówk / przelew.

Swimming pool in Kietrz

ul.Kościuszki 14 A, 48-130 Kietrz

The facility offers: -          A large swimming pool (6 lines) of size 25 x 12,5 m, 1,2 – 1,8 m deep -          A small swimming pool of size 8 x 4,88 m,  0,8 m deep..

Railway viaduct in Nowa Cerekwa

Nowa Cerekwia, 48-130 Kietrz

The railway viaduct in Nowa Cerekwa, built in 1909, is situated on Baborów - Pilszcz railway. The railway is considered to be the most interesting construction of such type in Silesia. It has got a unique, well-kept frame consisting of three circular squares supported by pillars. Nearby the..

Sv. Tomáš church in Kietrz

Ulica Kościelna, 48-130 Kietrz

The church was firstly mentioned in 1266. Between 1720 and 1722, the church was rebuilt and the lower storey was preserved. There is a 49 meters high tower above the entrance. The interior is richly decorated with frescoes, paintings, stained glasses or statues. 

Lookout tower in Włodzienin

Włodzienin, 48-140 Branice

A church tower of Sv. Mikuláš in Wlodzienin used to be a Gothic church in a castle. The tower is located on the hillock so that within the day with a high visibility, you can see a picturesque countryside of Glubczyce, the church towers of Glubczyce or even Jeseníky Mountains in the Czech..

Church – Basilica of Sv. Rodina in Branice

ul. Szpitalna 8

The Basilica in Branice was built between 1929 and 1932 in the heart of “Městečko Milosrdí” - in the complex of hospital for neural and psychical patient´s foundation. The foundation´s patron is a bishop of Olomouc - sufragan J. M. Nathan. The building was patterned on the ancient..

Church of Sv. Mark in Boguchwałow

Boguchwałów 125, 48-100 Głubczyce

The church was built in 1602 in Gothic-Renaissance style, belonging among most beautiful sacral monuments in Opole region. It is located in the center of the village, among the trees and fenced with a decorating wall of a circular shape. Inside of the church, there is precious altar with valuable..

“Kajícnický” cross in Dzielow

48-120 Baborów, Dzielów 28

“Kajícnický” cross in Dzielow originates between 14th and 16th century. Since middle ages, “The Kajícnický” cross was erected by murderers on the places where their crime was committed.  One of the three crosses is found in Dzielow nearby the house no. 28. Other..

Church of Sv. Josef in Baborow - „Józefek“ (Jozífek)

48-120 Baborów

„Jozífek“ was built between 1700 and 1702 of hewn larch wood on the stone socle. The building is located on the hillock, serving as cemetery church. The church is an example of a creative folk art and culture of the region. The interior is richly decorated with frescos and paintings...

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