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Zlatá Opavice hotel * * *

Hotel Zlatá Opavice, 793 71 Holčovice

Zlatá Opavice hotel is a part of Zlatá Opavice complex, beside the hotel, consisting of  Eliška guest house and a sports area.   Accommodation, catering, weddings, graduation, family celebrations, bash, seminars, conferences, trainings, parties, events, large-scale projection,..

Price from
600 CZK per person

Youth hostel in Pietrowice Głubczycke

Pietrowice 9, 48-100 Głubczyce

The youth hostel is a part of the integrated schools of Jan Pavel II. in Pietrowice Glubczycke. It is located 14 km from Glubczyce, 2 km from Krnov (Czech Republic) and about 500 m from the recreational resort in Pietrowice Glubczycke. The hostel serves as an all year long institution of adult..

Price from
10,00 zł, Przelew/gotówka

Western Restaurant

Vysoká – Bartultovice 44, 793 99

In the Western restaurant you can see a few fences with domestic animals, which were so common long ago. Children and adults can get in touch with sheep, goats, Tony pony, ducks and many others. Besides leisure time, the restaurant offers a 100-meal menu with prices starting from CZK 60. You..


Úvalno 281, 794 01

A two-storey house situated by the forest. The first floor available for guests, the second floor occupied by a landlord.   Beautiful landscape, peace and quiet. Suitable for families with children. Contact with animals – 6 dogs. Accommodation, kitchenette, a large forest..

Price from
250 CZK

Villa of the Frankel family

48-200 Prudnik, ul.Kościuszki 1A

Villa of the Frankel family from the 19th century is now a property of Prudnik town. The villa was rebuilt in 2011 and now there is a cultural center of Prudnik. The villa was built by Hermann Frankel, the son of a former industrialist Samuel, who was the founder and owner of textile plants in..

Town Park

Parkowa, Głubczyce

Town park is situated in the southern part of the town, from the west to the east, along the Psina river. The foundation was achieved thanks to the councillor and doctor Joseph Lauffer. He came up with a proposal to dry the swamps and remove the second bed of Psina, which used to flow through the..

Town Hall with a tour of the Town Hall and Savings Bank.

Hlavní náměstí 25, Krnov

  Krnov Town Hall   Town hall building was and still is one of the most important buildings in every town and city. The one in Krnov was firstly mentioned in November 2 1404, when the record in a provincial archive was done. The question is whether the building really was a..

Town hall in Głubczyce

Rynek 1, Głubczyce

Written records concerning the town hall in Glubczyce come from the second half of the 14th century. It was built in the place where there used to be a merchant house and its parts were used within the reconstruction. It was rebuilt into the Renaissance style in the 16th century. Later, in the..

Town Hall and Savings Bank

Hlavní náměstí 25, Krnov, 794 01

Today's Town hall as it is preserved was built in 1901-1903 in the neo-Renaissance spirit spiced with Art-Nouveau elements according to plans by the Viennese architect Moritz Hintrager. Construction was carried out by Ernest Latzel and Alois Geldner. The building stands on the grounds of the..

The weaver´s tradition center in Prudnik

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Królowej Jadwigi 23

“The town of weavers and cobblers” - that was the name of Prudnik hundred years ago. These were the most important crafts at that time. The development of weaver craft started in 19th and 20th century thanks to the Frankel and Pinkus families, one of the biggest textile company owners..

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