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The Church of St. Benedict

Bruntálská ulice, Krnov

Church from the early 13 th century is one of the oldest churches in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It includes a Romanesque rotunda, which was built in the 13 th century. In archaeological research, which ended in 2003, were discovered late Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance frescoes. The..

Lookout Tower Ježník

The wooden lookout tower Vyhlídka (17,5 meters high) in the part of the town of Krnov called Ježník is the oldest one of the lookout towers around Krnov.   This is the third wooden view-tower in succession built at this place, whereas the first one was opened on 17 of June 1894. Their..

The castle of Dívčí Hrad

The castle of Dívčí Hrad, visible from a large distance, dominates the village. It was built just above the Osoblaha river, in the 13th century. The castle experienced the greatest boom at the end of 16th and in the beginning of 17th century, within the reign of Sedlnická family of..

Pelhřimovy – Sv. Jiří Church

Pelhřimovy - is very impressive and mysterious extinct village of Pelhřimovy, located just on Czech - Polish border. The village is proof of what damage can acute nationalistic relationships cause. The village was first divided into Prussian and Austrian part along the Troja river in 1742 after..

Kozí hora lookout tower

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Poniatowskiego

Town of Prudnik can offer for its visitors more than 30 km of walking, cycling and horseriding paths in the protected area of Opavské hory and its close surroundings. There many worthseeing places situated on the paths such as SV. František sanctuary, Franciscas monastery or pond area with beaver..

The exhibition of folk artistists and crafts of Polish - Czech bordering regions

48-200 Prudnik, ul. Łucznicza 1

The exhibition of a folk artistists and crafts of Polish - Czech bordering regions is held every year in June. Within three days, a hand work  of folk artists and handcrafts of Polish - Czech bordering regions are presented here.   The exhibition takes place under the honorable..

Town Park

Parkowa, Głubczyce

Town park is situated in the southern part of the town, from the west to the east, along the Psina river. The foundation was achieved thanks to the councillor and doctor Joseph Lauffer. He came up with a proposal to dry the swamps and remove the second bed of Psina, which used to flow through the..

The Evangelical Church

Husovo náměstí, Krnov

The evangelical religion in the Krnov region has been about 500 years old. In the middle age it was greatly disseminated by the margrave Georg Hohenzollern, also called Pious, a staunch proponent of the Luther doctrine, who bought the principality of Krnov from the Šelenberk family at the..


Revoluční 966/56, Krnov

First mention about organ manufacturing in Moravia and Silesia comes from the late 17 th century and is connected with family Ryšánek from Opava.   In 1812 in Sosnová was born Franz Rieger, the company founder. He became well-known throughout the Silesian region as an organbuilder..

The stable of Laryšov

Láryšov 112, Býkov-Láryšov

Opening hours: by appointment Payment method: Cash or account transfer   The stable of Láryšov offers: Horseriding courses Horseriding courses for reduced prices Intensive summer courses and camps Stable excursions for children Horseriding courses for children..

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